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Robot Karel

Karel is a robot in his town. You can define new commands and Karel will execute them.
You can create your own commands to execute complex tasks.
It was designed for tutorial of programming skills and as a toy.
Other information on INTRODUCTION.
State of the work on HISTORY.
You can ask by e-mail or see Frequently Asked Questions.

Project home : http://karelnb.sourceforge.net/
Project page : http://sourceforge.net/projects/karelnb/
Guide : http://karelnb.sourceforge.net/guide.html
NetBeans wiki : http://wiki.netbeans.org/Karel
Introduction : http://karelnb.sourceforge.net/introduction.html
Installation : http://karelnb.sourceforge.net/install.html
Roadmap : http://karelnb.sourceforge.net/roadmap.html
History, bugs : http://karelnb.sourceforge.net/history.html
Kenai project page : http://kenai.com/projects/karelnb
Mercurial repository https://kenai.com/hg/karelnb~mercurial
Daily build http://deadlock.netbeans.org/hudson/job/karelnb/
Last state of the source you can find in the Mercurial repository.

Last web changes and sources

Last web changes RSS 2010-09-26 22.00 GMT
Last Mercurial repo changes https://kenai.com/hg/karelnb~mercurial 2010-06-14 23.00 GMT
Working repo changes https://kenai.com/hg/karelnb~working 2010-08-03 23.00 GMT
platform (last) platform.zip 2010-12-08 17.00 GMT
Last full published downloads 2010-06-14 17.00 GMT
NBP application karelnb.zip 2010-06-16 17.00 GMT
Swing application KarelApp.zip 2008-10-28 08.00 GMT
Swing App. Framework application (not available yet)
karel library karel.jar 2008-12-08 17.00 GMT
karel library javadoc karel_javadoc.zip 2008-12-08 17.00 GMT
karel_core NB module javadoc karel-core_javadoc.zip 2008-12-08 17.00 GMT
karel_file NB module javadoc karel-file_javadoc.zip 2008-12-08 17.00 GMT
localization bundles localization.zip 2010-06-18 17.00 GMT
(last) localization.zip 2010-06-18 17.00 GMT

Karel can be localized, including commands keywords of Karel language. So you can write your command scripts in your native language.
If you would to translate some pages or application to any language write me please to silhanek (at) users.sourceforge.net .

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